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Interview with Shear Architectural Design Ltd

Interview with Darryl Shear, Architectural Designer at Shear Architectural Design Ltd

Shear Architectural Design Ltd is a South England architectural firm founded by the highly experienced professional Darryl Shear. Darryl and Shear Architectural Design Ltd have helped hundreds of clients make their building projects a reality.




  • Part 1: Presentation of Darryl Shear, Architectural Designer

  • Part 2: Job and missions for an Architectural Designer

  • Part 3: Qualities & Skills for an Architectural Designer

  • Part 4: Personal



Part 1: Presentation of Darryl Shear, Architectural Designer



1. What drove you into Architecture?

I had a Lego set that I used to be obsessed with when I was younger. I think there's a natural link between creating colorful structures from those little plastic bricks and a wider curiosity towards structure, form and aesthetics. At school, I managed to get work placement in an architectural firm which laid the foundation for my career in the industry. 



2. Who were your inspirations when you were at school? 

I’ve always liked a vast array of style varieties but it can be anything from very contemporary projects like Falling Waters which was designed by the American Architect Frank Llyod Wright to Tado Ando's elegant use of concrete.



3. Start your own business?

I have always liked creating objects, but my career in architecture has also been interwoven with teaching Design at a community college in Lewis. The students loved the hands-on aspect of product design and some of the more precocious students got their work featured in design magazines, which was a great achievement for them. 


I was doing Architectural Design at the same time but there is a moment when you realise your time is finite and you have to pursue your true passion and the dream of developing your own company. 



4. What were the challenges when you began? 

Like a lot of businesses, the biggest hurdle is developing a new trusted brand and then a combination of networking and not getting bogged down with the paperwork. 



5. So how did you get over this? 

You’ll never believe this, but my initial promotional strategy was to go to the car-park at the local Sainsburys and hand out leaflets for Shear Architectural Design Ltd. This was pretty fruitful but then we started doing digital marketing and that was when the business really took off. The first year we ended up doing 150 jobs!



6. 150 jobs in one year? That’s huge! How did you cope with so much work? 

Quickly adapting is the only way to be able to deal with such demand. Fortunately, I’ve always had a wide professional network of surveyors, 3D modelers, building regulation experts and other architects to work with.



Part 2: Job and missions for an Architectural Designer



7. How would you concisely describe Shear Architectural Design Ltd? 

Friendly, Approachable, Detail-Oriented with quality CAD Drawings.



8. What is a typical day like? 

Oh, it varies so often! In the morning, I’m generally out visiting clients and in the afternoon I’m often drawing in my studio. However, one thing that I’m always doing is staying in touch with clients. It’s a common complaint about businesses in general so my phone is never far away so I can be on it and replying at any given moment. 



9. What do you love most about your job? 

The 1st meeting is always a bit of a design frenzy but the journey is always so rewarding when you bring ideas to the table that perhaps will improve the day-to-day lives of my clients in their homes. 



10. What are the main difficulties in your job?

I would say that it is a combination of managing time sensitivity and the financial reality of certain projects. You obviously want to satisfy the needs and wants of your clients but sometimes, you have to be pragmatic.  Balancing client expectations with build costs must be considered. 



Part 3: Qualities & Skills for an Architectural Designer



11. Any stand-outs? 

There have been so many great projects that it is difficult to choose but one client whose house we designed in Melbourne was incredible. The client's desire for a unique family home using quality materials was unparalleled.  


Melbourne House


Shear Architectural Design Ltd      Shear Architectural Design Ltd       Shear Architectural Design Ltd  


 "Melbourne House" by Shear Architectural Design Ltd 



12. Could you describe your style in a matter of words?

We don’t really have a style in the sense that we are fully adaptable to our client’s needs. Of course, we make suggestions to bring out new ideas but we’ll always be malleable.  

Our company slogan is Inspire, Create, Enhance - which distills our working approach quite succinctly.  


13. What advice would you give to someone starting in your industry? 

Get out there and try and find some experience which can be tough but practice designing things in the meantime. But, most importantly, have fun! 



Part 4: Personal




  • Keeping fit by playing football and going to the gym, 


Favourite Styles of cuisine:

  • Italian
  • Indian
  • And Chinese



  • Motown !


Hidden Talents:

  • I can do a Rubiks cube in about 90 seconds. I was once on a visit at a new client's house where I found and finished a Rubiks cube and left it on the table. They looked completely flabbergasted when they saw what I’d done!  

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